Sunday, May 28, 2006

Old Dolls-- Edara

Edara was my first Horned Faerie, from October 5, 2001. She was fun to make, and that's why I ended up making quite a few dolls with the same pattern before life interrupted and I had to stop.

She was made out of tea-dyed linen, although you can't tell in the picture above. Here is a close-up:

That 'birthmark' you see was actually a stain on the linen that I didn't notice until I had already cut out the pattern pieces.

She is made from the same pattern as Mel and Celeste below.

Her hair was vintage wool yarn, and she wore an outfit recycled from old t-shirt fabric. She even has a very nice cloak. Here's a picture from the back:

She sold on ebay, which is one of the reasons why I kept making them! :)


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